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The Disappearing Act
The Disappearing Act

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Neglected Nemesis
Neglected Nemesis

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The DeLaporte family, one of New Orleans' most infamous and mysterious families, has had Crescent City Cases on retainer for the last 150 years. In that time Crescent City Cases has solved hundreds of their mysteries large and small, but there are of course a few that have fallen through the cracks. 

Now they are looking for some detectives to join the team remotely and handle these cold cases, especially since there seems to be some connections between them that require a closer look. 



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    The CaseS


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    Episode 1 -

    The Disappearing Act

    When famed magician Bertram DeLaporte's assistants began disappearing, many believed the DeLaporte Brothers and their unusual inventions were to blame.  

    Bertram was put on trial and stunned the courtroom by disappearing himself. 

    When his chambers were examined, only a coded journal and a few blueprints remained.  

    Explore the clues and see if you can determine the truth behind the illusions!


    Episode 4 - The Inventor's Outrage

    Remy DeLaporte, famed inventor, left for the 1926 Sesquicentennial World's Fair with 3 inventions to unveil to the world, but in less than a month the trip ended with his reputation ruined and his commitment in the Philadelphia Mental Hospital.

    Remy never talked about the Fair again, and his reputation never recovered. 

    What went wrong? Can his reputation be salvaged? 

    Retrace his steps, solve the mystery and clear his name!


    Episode 2 -

    The Amnesiac Aviatrix

    The world was in shock when Odette DeLaporte's 1935 attempt to fly around the world ended in her disappearance. But more shock followed when Odette resurfaced two weeks later without her co-pilot and suffering from an extreme case of amnesia. 

    Despite never determining what really happened on that fateful flight, the press blamed Odette for the entire ordeal.

    Can you help the DeLaporte family clear her name?

    DeLaporte Tea Party.jpg

    Episode 5 - The Altered Aroma

    Odette DeLaporte was thrilled to befriend the new First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, but she found herself in hot water after a near-fatal White House Tea Party.  The incident haunted the family a year later when the beloved President was assassinated.

    With new information being released by the FBI, the DeLaportes would like to put the tea party incident to bed once and for all, before their family name is once again tossed around in connection to a scandal. 

    Nathansburg necklace missing.jpg

    Episode 3 - The Nathansburg Necklace

    When a burglar struck the DeLaporte mansion in the late 1940s, many items were stolen. Inventor's blueprints, wigs from the famous opera singer Etienne DeLaporte, and plenty of high price books and silver. 

    The largest prize, however, was the legendary Nathansburg Necklace.

    Due to the DeLaporte family's inherent distrust of the NOPD, this case went cold basically as soon as it started.  So now, after all these years, the Crescent City Cases team needs your help to investigate and find the culprit.

    Thibodeaux family

    Episode 6 - The Neglected Nemesis

    The DeLaportes and their neighbors, the Thibodeauxs, have been at war with one another for as long as anyone can remember. 

    Neighborhood Associations, Counselors, and even past Mayors of New Orleans have stepped in to try and mediate the situation, to no avail. 

    It's been a while since the final blow was struck, and we're hoping that with the benefit of hindsight and investigative prowess you can trace the line of pranks and retaliations back to the incident that started it all. 


    What are the Crescent City Cases?

    The Crescent City Cases are a subscription based series of online print and play games. Each case consists of multiple puzzles, clues and questions that can only be answered by exploring and investigating the many artifacts available to you in the case file. You can sign up to play an individual case, or for the Season Pass, which allows you access to all the cases, as well as a bonus case only available to the Season Pass holders which explores the connections between each of the previous games. By signing up for a case you are hired as a detective for Crescent City Cases, a New Orleans Private Investigation firm who works almost exclusively for the reclusive Delaporte Family. The DeLaportes have had much more than their fair share of mystery surrounding them throughout their long history, and it’s up to you to solve some of their cold cases.

    How do I sign up?

    There are a few different options for how you can sign up! If you’re not sure you are ready to commit, you can play the free trial game, The Disappearing Act. But, if you’re ready to jump in, you can either purchase an individual case file/episode, or purchase the season pass to receive access to all cases, including a special bonsu case only available to Season Pass holders!

    How much does it cost?

    To purchase a case individually is $9.95, with an option to have us send you all the printable materials via standard shipping for an additional $10. However, we would recommend the season pass which will give you access to all 6 cases AND a special bonus game exclusive to Season Pass holders for a total of $49.95 (with an additional reduced printing and shipping option of $50)

    Do I need to purchase the season pass in order to participate?

    You do not need to purchase the season pass in order to solve any of the individual mysteries. We would however recommend that you do, as the bonus episode exploring the connections between the cases is only available to the Season Pass Holders.

    Do I need a printer?

    We would recommend having access to a printer throughout your game play as there may be things you uncover along the way that could be helpful to have printed. However, there are options for you if you do not have easy access to a printer. In the “*Hints*” section of each case file there will be a document that has everything you will uncover along the way, so you can print it all at once. Be careful with this, and be sure to stop at the designated areas as you look through it, because it could be possible that you aren’t meant to have certain information until you uncover it online. Lastly, you have the option to have us print the documents for you. For this we charge an additional $10 and will have everything seperated for you to limit the accidental uncovering of information. For this option, you first purchase your subscription, navigate to the “*Hints*” section of your game, and purchase the printed materials on that page. The items will be sent to you via standard shipping within 1-3 business days.

    When will I receive my case?

    As soon as you sign up for a case you should recieve access to it. To access your game you can follow the link sent in your confirmation email or click the "Log In" button under "Already have a case?" on the Crescent City Cases Homepage. Once you're logged in, you'll be directed to the Crescent City Cases file system which has links to each case file as well as general information that may be helpful to new detectives. If you've purchased an individual case, you will only have access to that case file on that page.

    What if I bought one Case and now want to switch to the season pass?

    We can help you with that! Contact us at

    What ages are these cases made for?

    While there is nothing terribly scary within these games, there are some adult themes, and murder is somewhat common in the DeLaporte household. We would not recommend these games for anyone under the age of 12.

    What if I'm not ready to commit to the Season Pass?

    If you’re not ready to commit to a season pass, you should try the free trial case, The Disappearing Act. If you’re still not sure, try another game, we can always switch you to a Season Pass at a later date.

    How many people can play this?

    While you are welcome to play this with as many people as you would like, we would recommend groups of 1-3.

    Who created the Crescent City Cases?

    The Crescent City Cases are created by the award winning team at DeLaporte Ventures, creators of Escape My Room, Escape Extinction: Sharks, Saintsbone, and the DeLaporte Bi-weekly Brainbuster. For more information on the team visit

    How long does each case take to solve?

    Depending on your case solving experience, each case should take about 1-3 hours to solve. Our free trial game "The Vanishing Act", should take about an hour. But these are not timed experiences and you can take as long as you'd like with the materials.

    What do I need to have in order to play?

    In order to play a Crescent City Cases you need a computer and the internet and some access to a printer. We also highly recommend having access to a printer throughout your game and to keep some notepaper, a pencil, and a pair of scissors handy.

    What if I get stuck?

    Each case file is equipped with a “*Hints*” section which will give you multiple hints and the answers to each step along the way. If you are still stuck, or are having technical difficulties with the site reach out to us at

    How do I purchase the printed cases?

    Once you have purchased your game (season pass or individual game) on this page and navigated to the CCC Game Home, select the game you are playing from the folders section and navigate to the *Hints* folder. At the bottom of that page you will find the widget to purchase the printed materials. If you are a Season Pass holder and are looking to have all of the case files printed and shipped to you, find the "Season Pass Print" file at the bottom of the CCC game homepage.