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Purchasing a gift membership for Crescent City Cases Episode 5 - The Altered Aroma gives your recipient access to the Crescent City Cases online investigation system, and the entirety of the Altered Aroma case file. 

Altered Aroma

  • The base purchase is just for the online membership with the self print option, it does not cover the price of printed and shipped materials.

    If you or your recipient has limited or no access to a printer, you may consider selecting "Yes" below to add the Printed and Shipped Materials. 

  • Once purchased, you will immediately recieve your reciept to the email address listed upon check-out.

    The the log-in credentials for your gift membership will be sent to the email address listed in your "recipient email address" box within 2 business days. 

    If you selected the Printed Materials option, the printed game materials will be sent within 1-3 business days.